Alice enjoys working closely with her clients to create something entirely unique and personal. Recent commissions include dolls to celebrate births and weddings; two dolls made from remnants dating back a hundred years discovered in an old farmhouse in Southern France; a pair of cat and fox sisters for two London children and a Silver Hare and his Ophelia Cat bride. Embroidered names, special fabrics or stories that reflect something of the person they are being made for can be incorporated into the dolls.

The process often begins with sketches as a starting point, the dolls then evolve as they are stitched and patchworked together. The dolls can be framed in custom-made hinged glass boxes which can open at the front, or they can be left unframed.

Dolls are made to order, so it is best to allow between 2-8 weeks for your creatures to be made, if you have a specific date in mind, please discuss this with Alice.

As each project is different, prices vary depending on materials, embellishment, size and framing. Individual projects can be tailored to a budget. Prices range from £120-£1500.

Alice often has a selection of dolls available for immediate purchase, if you would like to see a pdf catalogue of one-off pieces that are currently for sale, or to enquire about commissioning a bespoke doll please email:

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