Bespoke Dolls

Alice enjoys working closely with her clients to create something entirely unique and personal. She has made dolls to celebrate births,  weddings and commemorative pieces, sometimes using vintage treasures with special meanings or memories attached. Embroidered names and stories that reflect something of the person they are being made for can be incorporated into the dolls.

The process begins with sketches as a starting point, discussions about fabric options , then the dolls evolve as they are stitched and patchworked together. They can be framed in custom-made glass boxes which can open at the front, vintage bell jars or they can be left unframed.

It is best to allow between 3-8 weeks for your creatures to be made, if you have a specific date in mind, please discuss with Alice.

As each project is different, prices vary depending on materials, embellishment, size and framing. Individual projects can be tailored to a budget. Prices generally range from £200-£2000

To enquire about ordering a bespoke piece please email:

One-Off Dolls

Alice sometimes has ready made pieces available for immediate purchase, if you would like information on these, please email:

"Thank you SO much for the incredible doll. It's everything I envisioned and I love it so much. It's so beautifully made - I almost don't want to give it away... But I know the little baby will love it forever and its parents will find it so stylish and beautiful. Thank you also for your flexibility with designing the doll and making me part of the process. It's been lovely going through the process with you. I hope you enjoyed making it too."